I thought the Jones brothers were back from OKC?

From: Gigi

Comments: Where are the Jones brothers? I thought they were back from OKC?

Reply: They are in OKC. They were sent back while the team was on the road in Alaska before the Christmas break, but were recalled right back again during the break. They are doing well – Connor has two goals in six games, while Kellen has a goal and three points in seven.

-The Mailbag Guy


We don’t have a goalie

From: Ernie

Comments: We don’t have a goalie

Reply: You are right, Ernie. We don’t have a full roster, either, and the reasons are the same: our affiliation. We are expected to receive two goaltenders from the Edmonton Oilers, in addition to several other players. Who those guys are, and how many will come here, remains to be seen. All will be clearer once early October rolls around, so stay tuned!

-The Mailbag Guy

When can we pick up our season tickets?

From: Nancy

Comments: When can we pick up our season tickets?

Reply: Nancy, all season ticket holders who have either paid in full or signed up for an auto-pay plan can pick up their season ticket packages, as well as their ST gifts if they qualify, at Open House, which is Tuesday, Oct. 7. Open House will be held at the arena, and fans can also meet the players and see them in action on the ice.

Also, new this season is a Season Ticket Holder Rookie Camp. Especially planned for those who may be new to the Condors STH Family, we will have a series of “sessions” at Open House that explains how to take advantage of all the benefits that you receive as a STH. Make sure when you pick up your packet, you inquire about it!

-The Mailbag Guy

Where is Andrew Carroll?

From: Rick

Comments: What was the condors record before Carroll arrived last season? He’s where now? (Hint)

Reply: So I presume your *hint* is that you think the Condors should sign him for 2014-15? When “Pistol” was acquired on Dec. 16, the Condors record was 7-14-0-1. The team did pick up points in 10 of their next 14 games and started to roll, but to be fair, the NEXT DAY after picking up Carroll, a guy called L.B. was assigned to us as well, so let’s spread the glory around a bit!

For sure he was a contributor to the success of the team in the second half of the season, and made an impact in the playoffs as well. He had two game-winning goals in the opening round against Utah alone. But part of the big task before Head Coach J.F. Houle right now is trying to piece this big puzzle together, and there is a lot that goes into that. Carroll will also have to do what’s best for him and his career as well. So we shall see what is to come… stay tuned!

-The Mailbag Guy

When is the job fair and tryouts for the national anthem?

From: Bill

Comments: When is the job fair and tryouts for the national anthem?

Reply: The Job Fair and Anthem Tryouts will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 16 from 4 – 7 p.m. We will announce further details shortly, but this is the opportunity to come down and belt out your best rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and get put on the short list to perform at a game.

Every October we have people who call in and tell us they want to sing at a Condors game. But by and large, unless you are at the tryouts in September, you probably are not going to get to sing. So no excuses – if you want to have 5,000 silently hanging on your every note, you need to be there!

The Job Fair is equally important. That’s when we find Condorstowns best, brightest and most enthusiastic to represent our organization all season long. They are our link to our wonderful fans, and are vital to making the experience of a game that much more special.

-The Mailbag Guy