There is a lot happening so let’s get right into it.

I know, I know, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want, but this will be the most rapidly written blog in the history of the blog.

Now for the blog…

  • Big things are brewing in Condorstown. Let’s start with the press conference on Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Memorial Stadium. Though for the right amount, I can be bribed, you’re not getting the announcement out of me in this blog. I will say that we have to rent a truck for the press conference.
  • Members are invited to the press conference, so come on down. Sorry that it’s not on a weekend or at night, but we’ll have plenty of video and our friends at ABC are going to live stream the event for those at work.
  • What about that schedule? Look for it in the next week. Last year it took less than two weeks after the NBA schedule was unveiled, so I’d say that’s a good timetable for this year.
  • Who’s this d-man the Condors signed today? Mikael (Michael) Tam. He spent last season in Norway, but has some AHL experience with Lake Erie (now Cleveland) and Worcester (now San Jose)
  • Holty that name sounds familiar … it might. He played for San Francisco (RIP Bulls) their first season. I liked him as a player back then. Not the biggest guy in the world, but I remember him having a mean streak. He’ll battle for a spot in training camp.
  • Gerry back in town? He is and was very impressed with the new front office digs when he dropped by yesterday afternoon. He’ll be out at the press conference if you want to come say hello.
  • Watching any Olympics? Not particularly. @KevinBartl says to stay off Twitter so I don’t get any spoilers, but when part of your job is “being on Twitter,” how can you not?
  • Worst sport at the Olympics? Men’s field hockey. Actually, let’s hand out the medals. GOLD – Men’s Field Hockey SILVER – Handball BRONZE – Taekwondo
  • Ok so what are the “best” (and I’m qualifying this as underrated) sports there?
    GOLD – Table Tennis SILVER – Rugby Sevens BRONZE – Volleyball (indoor)
  • Bet of the week so I can lose more money? UFC 202 is this weekend and good friend of Condorstown Cowboy Cerrone is fighting, so take him -160 and Connor McGregor -123. The McGregor fight is going to be fantastic, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Until next time Condorstown…

Ryan Holt a.k.a. Holty enters his sixth season in Condorstown in 2016-17. He would make an excellent platform diving judge. Follow him on twitter @CondorsHolty for more nonsense or shoot him an e-mail to rholt@bakersfieldcondors.com  with questions, comments, blog ideas, or just to say hi.