Checking In With … Ryan Annesley

Condors defenseman Ryan Annesley enjoyed California so much, that he didn’t head back to Canada right away! Read about where he’s been this summer and what he plans on doing the rest of the summer in the latest edition of “Checking In With…”


Hey Condorstown! I hope everyone’s summer is going well.


It sure was a treat going to the rink in my shorts everyday. Immediately following the season I drove down to Indio, California to hang with a couple of my Aunts.  A few days into the vacation, my brother, Scott and a couple of my friends flew down and we went to the Coachella Music Festival, which was amazing! During that trip I was able to hang out with Tyler Helfrich and catch an LA Dodgers game with my cousin, Sean. I have since made it home and have been watching the NHL playoffs and the LA Kings very closely.


While home in Ajax, Ontario I will be working at a local hockey school as well as training for the upcoming season.  During my free time I will be hanging with friends and family and working towards finishing my MBA at Niagara University.  I will also try to mix in some Toronto Blue Jays Baseball games with some of the Condors who live nearby, including Bryan Pitton, the Gimblett brothers, Josh Van Dyk and Scott Freeman.


Enjoy the rest of the summer Condorstown!


– Annz