HOLTY’S BLOG: Trade or no trade?

­­­Welcome back people! Holty’s blog is back, for one time only, at least until the offseason. Man, it feels good. I was just sitting around looking at old Condors trades and then friend of the blog, @KevinBartl said, “hey Holt, this smells like a blog.” I would have preferred it smell like bacon, but a blog will do.

It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want, but as I’ve said before, when Bartl says something, I listen and follow. (At least 27.5% of the time)

Now for the blog…

Here are the Condors trade activity (or lack thereof) at the ECHL Trade Deadline in years past. Mind you the deadline is 12 p.m. Pacific Time today. That’s 9 a.m. Hawaiian. Mahalo.

Click here to watch Ryan Murphy discuss what the Condors might be after today (from yesterday’s UNLEASHED)

2013 – Four transactions
Peter Boyd sent to South Carolina for Phil Mangan/Art Bidlevskii
Evan Trupp to Alaska for Shawn Skelly/Chris Haltigin
Francis Meilleur to Las Vegas for future considerations
Rights to David Walker traded to Ontario for future considerations

2012 – Zero transactions
Condors made their splash in January with five transactions in the span of six days

2011 – Zero transactions

2010 – One transaction
Scott Marchesi & Mark Volkes acquired from Cincinnati for what turned out to be Mathieu Aubin

2009 – Zero transactions

2008 – One transaction
Andrew Andricopoulos acquired from South Carolina

2007 – Zero transactions

2006 – Zero transactions

2005 – Two transactions
Todd Alexander traded to Dayton for Mathieu Brunelle
Davis Parley acquired from Texas in exchange for Jason Wolfe, Frederic Belanger, and Ty Hennes

2004 – Two transactions
Stu Pietersma/John Donnelly from the Augusta in exchange for rookie Darren Shakotko
Devin Francon to Texas for future considerations

So in short … who know what might happen in the next three hours.

Until next time Condorstown … whenever that may be.

Ryan Holt, a.k.a. Holty, is the Voice of the Condors in his third season in Condorstown. He was once traded to Kalamazoo for a new hydrocollator and 20 equipment bags, but the deal was made null and void by the ECHL after he failed a physical.