Top 5 most quoted movies (Bartls Blog)

Last night I got into a tweet-fest with @bethanyarin and @Mills_Bob about The Empire Strikes Back, and I was tossing out random lines from the movie in my tweets, such as #bringmethehydrospanner.

It got me thinking, what are my most quoted movies of all time? Sometimes I blurt things out without even realizing that nobody knows what I’m saying. While a line from “Empire” is always on the tip of my tongue, it’s not even in my Top Five. Also on the list of runner-ups: Jaws, Fletch, Pulp Fiction, Anchorman, The Outlaw Josey Wales, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and A Clockwork Orange. But these are my top five:

5. The Doors – The epic and as it turns out, wildly fictional, biopic of Jim Morrison is filled with awesome lines. Oliver Stone basically wrote down a ton of Doors lyrics and made a script out of them. My college roommate Tim and I once spent an entire semester speaking to each other in lines from the movie. I slip lines like “Alive, she cried”, “It’s cool, I’m with the band”, “give the singer some” “it was Edie, wasn’t it?” and “get your hands off me you fascist” into my everyday life. And nobody except Tim knows what I’m talking about.

4. Ghostbusters – probably a way better flick than it’s ever truly given credit for, this is such a quotable movie. And it’s probably the first movie I ever quoted during a conversation. If you’re ever with me and I mention symmetrical book stacking, refer to your neighborhood as a demilitarized zone or randomly shout out “cats and dogs are living together” or “Mass hysteria!!” on a broadcast again, you’ll know where it came from.

3. Slap Shot – I guess it’s just not possible to spend my time around the game of hockey without dropping lines from the greatest hockey movie of all time. I even slip them in during broadcasts, and I’m convinced nobody recognizes them. I’d include a clip, but most of the scenes in the movie have vulgar language, and this is a family show.

2. Caddyshack – is it even possible to play a round of golf without dropping a line from this flick? I know I can’t play a round without hitting my ball right into the lumber yard. Ever asked someone if they got a free bowl of soup with their hat? Or bet someone $100 that they were going to slice it into the woods? Called someone a tremendous slouch? Muttered “your honor, your Honor”? Or told someone they must have been something before electricity? Then you have the same syndrome I do.

1. The Big Lebowski – “Hey, hey careful man there’s a beverage here!” “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your opinion, man.” “This aggression will not stand, man.” “Mark it zero!” These are all staples of everyday conversation. “My wife!!” has even become a sounder on the Petros & Money show on Fox Sports Radio. There are literally countless lines from this movie that I use regularly. There are too many to mention… now I’m going to go find a cash machine.


Kevin Bartl is the VP of Communications and part of the broadcast team, entering his 10th season in #Condorstown. His blog comes out every Tuesday, or whenever he gets around to it. For not-always-hockey-related tweets, follow him on twitter @KevinBartl.