Benefits galore for renewing your season tickets!!!

Tis the season for renewing your Condors season ticket package!

You know you’re going to renew anyway, why not just do so right away and get all sorts of special deals in the process? For instance, you can enjoy $1 sodas at every remaining Condors home game this season. And every day prior to the renewal deadline you sign up, you will get a dollar in merchandise credit. That means for example, if you renew 25 days before the March 31 deadline, you’ll earn $25 in merch credit. Which means you can get a Condors hat for NOTHING! Just for doing what you were planning on doing anyway. If only the rest of your life was full of such easy decisions….

There is a whole slew of benefits waiting for you to renew. Click here to check them all out, and if you have questions, contact your friendly Condors ticket representative at 324-PUCK (7825).