Bobbleheads – gotta collect them all!

Bobbleheads are a staple in all sports, but in Condorstown, many have been known to live by the bobblehead. In fact, as you can see, in 2010-11, the Condors did not give away a bobblehead (there were other figurine type giveaways with the All-Star Classic) and fans “revolted” with demands for a bobblehead the next season.

Which Condors bobblehead is your favorite of all-time? After a straw poll of the Condors office, our top 3 would be Yutaka Fukufuji because it’s a goalie bobblehead with the 10th anniversary logo, Dancin’ Granny because of the bobbling hips, and the paint your own bobblehead (Baby Cal) night.

Who will be this year’s bobblehead?

2014-15 – Kellen Jones

2013-14 – Dancin’ Granny Bobble-Hip and Joel Broda

2012-13 – Brian Stewart and Scott Grennham dual bobblehead

2011-12 – Hans Benson bobble-fist

2010-11 – All-Star Classic Logo Bobble Figure

2009-10 – Paint-your-own bobblehead: Baby Cal and Andrew Ianiero

2008-09 – Mark Derlago and  Matt Caruana

2007-08 – Colonel Claw’d  and Yutaka Fukufuji

2006-07 – Todd Griffith

2005-06 – Kevin St. Jacques

2004-05 – Connor James

2003-04 – Jason Ralph and Quin Fair

2002-03 – Paul Willett and Kevin St. Pierre

2001-02 – Jamie Cooke and Paul Rosebush