The best $10 you EVER spent…

For a package that includes admission to SIX Condors games, that alone makes it a no-brainer. But throw in admission to the Kids Zone at every game, the special Kids Club gift, and the invitation to the Meet the Team Party, and now it’s the best $10 you have ever spent. Hours of entertainment, memories for a lifetime for your family, and the gift of Condors hockey… all for just $10.

Fri, Nov. 14 (Star Wars Night)… Saturday, Dec. 13 (Knit Cap Giveaway)… Fri, Jan. 3 (promo TBD)… Sat, Feb. 28 (Bobblehead Giveaway)… Sat, Mar. 28 (promo TBD)… Fri, Apr. 10 (promo TBD)

Seriously, do yourself a favor and sign you child up before our finance department realizes what we’re doing and pulls the plug on this whole Kids Club thing! You can even register online with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.