Top 5 ways to use Condors tickets to celebrate a special occasion

Fans often say, “I love to come to Condors games, but how could I use tickets to all 36 games?” And to that we say… It’s easy!! There are so many ways to use your Condors tickets. Let us count the ways…

We have here on our website a list of 84 different ways that you can utilize your season tickets to Condors games, other than just keeping them all for yourself, of course. But for right now, we want to focus on the Top 5 ways to use Condors hockey for a special occasion.

5. Treat a loyal customer for his or her birthday – Birthdays are silly, but getting a birthday gift for somebody can be a serious issue. The Condors make that easy! If you have season tickets, handing over a couple of them to someone you value in your life is a simple gesture that is sure to be appreciated. Tack on a birthday greeting on the Jumbotron and their night will be complete!
23. Welcome a new employee to the company with tickets – starting a new job can be stressful. Put that new hire at ease with the gift of Condors hockey. After all, you hired them, you must want them on your team. Make them feel welcome, and you’ll be sure to get their best right out of the gate. You never know, you might be laying the foundation of building up the next president of your company.
66. Use tickets as Christmas stocking stuffers – Duh??? I got a Pez dispenser, lottery scratch off cards (all losers), socks and deodorant in my stocking last year. What did you get? I bet it wasn’t as cool as a couple tickets to a Condors game.
68. Reward your children for good grades – Kids respond to positive reinforcement, especially with their schooling. No matter what grade they got, if you know they worked hard in the classroom, why not give them a treat? Take them out to a Condors game, and let them understand the value of hard work and achievement.
69. Welcome a new neighbor into town – this is a great idea. You know that family that just relocated to Bakersfield and moved in next door? Chances are they have no idea what to do with their first weekend in town, other than unpack boxes. Let them know this is Condorstown, and treat them to a game. They will know you are the good guys on the block. Plus, once they figure out Condors hockey is something they can’t live in Bakersfield without, when they buy their own season tickets you will get $100 in Condors Cash for referring them to us.