History of the Teddy Bear Toss in Condorstown

The Teddy Bear Toss was first held in Bakersfield during the second season of the Condors, 1999-00. During the 13 years since, over 100,000 fans have attended the event, and more than 70,000 stuffed animals have been collected. Only one player has ever scored the teddy bear goal twice, and that was Paul Rosebush in 2002 and 2003.

The big goal was scored in the first period in eight of the 12 games. And in two of them, it was scored in the third period. The longest a game went before the goal was scored was last season, when Slava Trukhno lit the lamp with 9:38 left in the game. The earliest was Rosebush in 2002, just 4:59 into the game.

For the most part, a prominent player has been the guy to get the goal. The list of Teddy Bear Toss scorers almost reads like a Who’s Who in Condors history, including this season’s leading scorer, Scott Freeman, adding his name to the list.

Other scorers include Rosebush, a former team captain, fan favorite and a player with a retired number…
Paul Willett, a team captain who led the team in scoring that season and also has his number retired…
Jamie Cooke, one of the most celebrated players in team history, and yes, also has his number retired…
Connor James, a Kings-assigned player who was 3rd in scoring that season and one of the more electrifying players in team history…
Jeff Goldie led the team in goals during the season of his goal…
Tim Konsorada led the team in points in 2007-08…
As did Sean Venedam when the captain scored in 2006-07…
Stephane Goulet led the Condors in scoring back-to-back seasons…
Vyacheslav Trukhno was 2nd on the team in points last season…

Nate Metcalf, a d-man who scored three goals in 36 games that season for the Condors, and Dale Reinhardt, who had just two goals in 23 games for Bakersfield during his season, are the only possible exceptions to that rule of thumb. Although both players were popular during their time in Condorstown.

The most bears ever collected was in 2009-10, when 8,075 rained down from the seats. The largest crowd on this night was 2008-09, when 8,929 packed Rabobank Arena. Teddy Bear Toss Night has been the largest crowd of the season for seven consecutive seasons, including this season.

YR            Att.       Bears     scorer            Time/Per.
99-00    7,347    2,553    Paul Willett    5:02/1
00-01    6,349    2,800    Jamie Cooke    17:53/1
01-02    5,861    2,900    Jeff Goldie    17:56/2
02-03    7,968    4,654    Paul Rosebush    4:59/1
03-04    7,231    6,179    Paul Rosebush    8:14/2
04-05    8,204    7,149    Connor James    5:46/3
05-06    8,815    6,119    Nate Metcalf    14:19/1
06-07    8,743    5,475    Sean Venedam    5:59/1
07-08    8,895    7,026    Tim Konsorada    6:40/1
08-09    8,929    7,614    Dale Reinhardt    14:28/1
09-10    8,825    8,075    Stephane Goulet    6:34/1
10-11    8,327    6,296    Slava Trukhno    10:22/3
11-12    8,776    TBA        Scott Freeman     12:13/3

Totals (Average)
Attendance – 104,270 (8,020)
Teddy Bears – 66,840 (5,570)**

**not including this season