HOLTY’S BLOG: Signing Players and Coaches

Since I didn’t blog yesterday, which has become known as my designated blog day, I figured I’d hit you with a two-part Holty’s Blog on a Friday. Don’t say I never gave you anything! Apologies in advance to good friend of the blog @GrizzliesVoice, who writes his blog on Fridays. Go read that one too (click here).

You may be saying, hey I only need one part to Holty’s Blog. That may be the case, but as I’ll remind you, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

Now for the part one of the blog…

I see things Condorstown. I read things. I don’t know all, but I fill my head with a lot. I also have a memory like a steel trap.

So I read and hear from time-to-time that the Condors always “hold up announcing players,” or “haven’t signed anyone,” or “every other team is signing players and we’re doing nothing.”

Yesterday, the team announced the return of two players, Chase Schaber and Nick Pageau. If you were at the send-off to Troy, or watched @PrezRiles talk to the media (click here), you would know that currently there are 5-6 players under contract, waiting to be announced for various reasons.

You would also know that it is anticipated the team will have somewhere between 6-8 contracted players come to Bakersfield this season. On the high side, that’s already 14 roster spots. When you’re looking to fill 27-30 training camp spots, that is not a bare cupboard as a starting point.

So I did some digging and looked around the Western Conference (I don’t look at the East until April) at our buddies. How many players have they announced?

The #PAC6 (yes that’s what I’m calling it)                             The #MichIndColo Division

STOCKTON – 5 INDY (yes, they’re not Indianapolis) – 6

So I would say the Condors are right on track.

Part two of the blog pertains to who will be the next coach in Condorstown? As you heard from @PrezRiles, the interview process is in full swing, a shortlist should be formed imminently, and a head coach will be announced in the next “couple of weeks.”

A little Friday Factoid: the Condors coaching position is the last vacant head coaching position in the three professional hockey leagues that matter.

As previously mentioned in part one of the blog though, recruiting is still ongoing, so everything is moving forward to plan. One of the things the Condors have going for them is that Edmonton Oilers Asst. GM Bill Scott, who is heading up the process, is extremely familiar with the league, having spent time in the league office. So he knows how important a summer is for an ECHL organization.

The next gentleman to lead the Condors will be the sixth head coach in team history. So I thought I’d look at the other five and create a profile of “what a Condors head coach looks like.”

Age at hire:
36.6 years old [youngest – MacDonald (32) / oldest – Mann (43)]
Nationality:  Canadian (all five coaches have been Canadian. Three from Ontario)
Height: 6’1” [tallest – O’Dette (6’5”) / shortest – Mann (5’10”)]
Playing career: three of the five played in the AHL
Coaching career: three of the five had previous professional head coaching experience

That’s all I have. Enjoy your Fridays.

Until next time Condorstown…

Ryan Holt a.k.a. “Holty” is the voice of the Condors, entering his fourth season in Condorstown. This year will feature his third head coach, fourth equipment manager, and third athletic trainer. He likes to sit three rows back on the drivers’ side of the bus on road trips. Follow him on Twitter (@BroadcastHolt) or shoot him an email.