Kings v Coyotes Pre-season game – Sept. 21

The Arizona Coyotes will “host” the Los Angeles Kings in an NHL pre-season game on Monday, Sept. 21 at Rabobank Arena.

It will be the first appearance in Condorstown for the Coyotes and the 6th time the Kings will play in Bakersfield. Upgrades to Rabobank Arena’s dasher boards and glass made hosting an NHL pre-season game possible.


Kings record in Bakersfield:

Oct. 4, 1998 Bakersfield, CA Kings 4, Vancouver 3
Sept. 25, 1999 Bakersfield, CA San Jose 3, Kings 1
Sept. 23, 2000 Bakersfield, CA Kings 4, San Jose 1
Sept. 22, 2002 Bakersfield, CA Kings 3, Anaheim 2
Sept. 21, 2003 Bakersfield, CA Kings 4, San Jose 1