The Edmonton Oilers have assigned the following players:

Tyler Benson (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Josh Currie (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Joe Gambardella (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Caleb Jones (D) – Bakersfield (AHL)

William Lagesson (D) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Patrick Russell (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Ryan Stanton (D) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Dylan Wells (G) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Mitch Callahan (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Braden Christoffer (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Marc-Olivier Crevier-Morin (D) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Logan Day (D) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Luke Esposito (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Dave Gust (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Cameron Hebig (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Jake Kulevich (D) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Colin Larkin (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

John McFarland (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Evan Polei (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Stuart Skinner (G) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Ryan Van Stralen (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Tyler Vesel (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Nolan Vesey (F) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Jared Wilson (D) – Bakersfield (AHL)

Shane Starrett (G) – Bakersfield (AHL)

The Condors will announce a full training camp schedule and roster on Sunday.