HOLTY’S BLOG: 30 for 30 Condors Style

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Now for the blog…

I’m addicted to the ESPN Films “30 for 30” series. Honestly, can’t get enough. There was a mini-marathon on last night and you bet I watched. What are the best ones? The U, The Two Escobars, The Best that Never Was, Pony Excess, and The Fab Five. So far there have been 51 of these docs with the latest being “Elway to Marino,” another great one.

The first “30 for 30” was about Wayne Gretzky being dealt from Edmonton to Los Angeles. Since then, there has not been any hockey-centered story. (Sidenote: The John Spano owning the New York Islanders debacle is next up in the series)

It got me thinking of creating a new series called “5 for 15.” They would be five documentaries chronicling stories of the first 15 years of the Condors. No order. I’m tired of orders. If you like orders go to another blog, because as I’ll remind you, this is my blog, and I’ll do what I want…

–          “Unlatched” This is the story of the 2005 Kelly Cup Playoff series with the Alaska Aces in which NHL’er Scott Gomez went through an open bench door causing him to break his pelvis. Between that game, the switching of hotels in Alaska, the police escorts for game five, and the end of Paul Rosebush’s career, I think there’s a compelling story to be told.

–          “Against All Odds” Sure, there’s been a book written about friend of the blog Ken Baker’s (@kenbakernow) 2001-02 season in Condorstown, but why not bring it to life on the big screen?

–          “I am Woman” Goaltender Danielle Dube becomes the first (and only) woman in Condors history to play in a game when she beat Anchorage, 6-4, on January 11th, 2003. Good story behind it as well with her acquisition from Long Beach and the game itself.

–          “Goal-Gate” In 2002, the Condors had their best playoff chance at beating the San Diego Gulls. But two disallowed goals prevented a game four victory for the Condors. But, less than a week later the WCHL issued an apology saying one of the goals should have counted. I want cameras everywhere, sports science brought in, and an inside look at the WCHL.

–          “To The Queen” I know it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind, but how could I leave off including the story of Queen Victoria’s night in Condorstown and the ensuing set of days. The practice flights, the video eventually getting out from a La Quinta Inn and Suites, to me not having a voice in San Francisco, to the players’ reaction on the bus, and everything else, it would be cool to look behind-the-scenes at that.

Have any other Condors stories that should be documentaries?

Until next time Condorstown…

Ryan Holt a.k.a. Holty, is the voice of the Condors and recently wrapped up year two in Condorstown. A cold PB&J is better than a freshly made PB&J. Have a #HoltysBlog idea? Follow him on Twitter @BroadcastHolt or shoot him an email with ideas to rholt@bakersfieldcondors.com