Top 5 ways to use Condors tickets to get more business

Businesses make up a large number of our Condors season ticket holders. And there is good reason for that – Condors tickets are a GREAT business tool. Not a good one, not a so-so one, but a GREAT business tool.

We have here on our website a list of 84 different ways that you can utilize your season tickets to Condors games, other than just keeping them all for yourself, of course. But for right now, we want to focus on the Top 5 ways to use Condors hockey to GET MORE BUSINESS. Narrowing this list down was hard, but these five cover a lot of ground – your employees, your new customers, and your old customers. Click on the link above to read the rest of the ways!

1. Invite a customer who hasn’t done business with you recently – Sometimes all you need is a good reason to reach out to a former customer and start building that relationship back up. Bring them out to a Condors game; it’s a low-pressure environment that may allow them to realize all the great reasons they had to work with you before.

6. Run a sales contest and reward the winner with tickets – Motivation is big in the sales world. It’s not easy to just work the phones all day every day. Contests can make or break your team’s efforts, and a contest that gives out some Condors tickets might really be a great motivator.

11. take a potential customer and close the sale at the arena – Networking reigns supreme at Condors games. Year after year we hear stories of people closing their deal at a game. We even had a fan tell us they ran into a company rep at a game that he had been trying to get a hold of for years, and ended up landing a contract with him for nearly a million dollars. All because they met at a game and shared a drink in the Club Room. Think he feels pretty good about his measly $3,840 ticket package now?? You bet.

32. Thank a new customer for their business – This is one of the most popular uses for Condors tickets. Everyone likes free stuff. And sometimes that “free stuff” is enough to get someone through your doors, and if two Condors tickets costing $38 helps land a $500 sale, it really makes that ticket package worthwhile, doesn’t it?

52. Give tickets to your customer service reps – Not everyone is involved in directly bringing the money into your company, but everyone is always “selling” your product. That person who answers the phones or helps your customer appreciation often does just as much as the salespeople in making sure you retain your business and perhaps even earn more through those relationships. And they rarely get the credit (or the commission). Condors tickets are a great way of showing you think their efforts are important.