I went and saw The Purge the other day, so why not rhyme that with the title of the blog?

(Yeah, I know, I didn’t blog last week. I’m making up for it with TWO blogs this week. Look for another edition tomorrow. #HoltyTeaser)

First off, as I’m sure you all have seen, a hockey agent tweeted that the ECHL and the Central Hockey League are to merge. The story was then picked up by some reporter on NBC Sports’ Pro Hockey Talk who erroneously took the tweet and carved out a “story.” I’m not linking either the tweet or the ridiculous “story.” You can find it yourself.

All I will say is don’t believe everything you read on the internet…Except this blog. You can believe in the blog, because it’s my blog and it’s factual.

FACT: The ECHL stands for nothing. It’s just ECHL.
FACT: There are currently 22 teams in the ECHL. Las Vegas is under voluntary suspension and will not play this season.
FACT: The ECHL and CHL are not merging this year. Schedules are out, programs are designed, promotions are ordered, dates are set, flights are booked, buses are fueled etc.

The problem with many things nowadays is a lack of research. Anyone can tweet anything and have it make its rounds creating confusion, misinformation, and simply nonsense.

Hope this clears up some confusion. I’m going to keep fighting the good fight.

The best sports merger of all-time comes to us from good friend of the blog, @Joe_Babik involving the Minnesota North Stars and the Cleveland Barons, the NHL version. In 1978, the North Stars and the Barons were both in danger of folding. To prevent this, the league allowed the teams to merge and assume the name of the North Stars, but under the ownership of the Barons. Confused? Just wait…

In 1991, the owners of the Barons (who didn’t exist, but were operating as the North Stars), started the expansion franchise known as the San Jose Sharks and placed their top development team in Cleveland … where you guessed it … they named the team the Barons. (As @KevinBartl pointed out to me, since I was only 3, there was much more to the Barons-North Stars-Sharks saga than that, but I digress).

The AHL Barons have one of the best logos of all time. A shark wearing a tux and a monocle. (click here)

Other news in list form:

–          J.F. gets back into town for good late next week so look for three player signings. #HoltyTeaser

–          Burgy is off to the AHL’s Hershey Bears. He is deserving of the opportunity.

–          The Dallas Stars announced intent to purchase the AHL’s Texas Stars today. They would be the 14th NHL team to own and operate their AHL team. Of course, Condorstown is the only ECHL team fully owned and operated by an NHL club.

–          Former Condors front office members Scott Frasnelly and Matt Kato work for the Texas Stars, FYI.

–          My favorite promotion already announced is the Hairiest Back Contest. This was a blast last year and the champ will have to defend his title! (click here to download the promo schedule)

Until next time Condorstown…

Ryan Holt, a.k.a. Holty, is entering his fourth season in Condorstown. That’s it.