The schedule is out, so now everyone can circle those 34 dates and find out when you’ll be coming to Condorstown.

I’m not big for dissecting schedules, but I feel like we should have a little look-in at what is to come for the Condors in the American Hockey League.

You may want more analysis, but as I’ll remind you, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

There’s a handy infographic below that Ashleigh Cox Bishop put together. It’s pretty cool.

Other things to mention about the Condors schedule:

  • Opening night is against Grand Rapids. It will be the Condors coaching debut for Gerry Fleming and the Griffins coaching debut for Todd Nelson. Those two worked together for better part of the last five years.


  • You will not see the same team on back-to-back nights in Condorstown ALL SEASON.


  • In addition to the Oilers (us), you will see the top AHL teams for the LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, Calgary Flames, Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings, Winnipeg Jets, and Nashville Predators.


  • I’m loving the afternoon games in San Jose. Anytime you leave the rink and it’s still light out is fine in my book. Many of these are doubleheaders with the Sharks.


  • There are no 3 games-in-3 nights on the schedule. No 4-in-5s either.


  • 25 home games on Fridays and Saturdays. Don’t worry there are some big promotions in store for those rare weeknight games too.


  • Longest homestand: 5 games from 2/19 – 2/27.


  • Longest road trip: 5 games from 10/30 – 11/11


  • By my count we’ll spend 42 nights in a hotel. That’s not much more than years past. Hotel beds are comfortable.


Until next time #Condorstown… This will be fun.

Ryan Holt is the voice of the Condors and enters his fifth year in 2015-16. He celebrated National Burger Day today by going to Burger Hut. Shoot him an e-mail rholt@bakersfieldcondors.com or tweet to him @Condors with blog ideas or comments.