Condors Mailbag

It's time to sound off Bakersfield! The Condors' Mailbag, presented by Diamond Technologies, is your opportunity to ask those burning questions about the team, the coaches, the organization -- hey, it's all fair game here. The newest entries to the bag are below.

I thought the Jones brothers were back from OKC?

From: Gigi Comments: Where are the Jones brothers? I thought they were back from OKC? Reply: They are in OKC. They were sent back while the team was on the road in Alaska before the Christmas break, but were recalled right back again during the break. They are doing well – Connor has two goals […]

We don’t have a goalie

From: Ernie Comments: We don’t have a goalie Reply: You are right, Ernie. We don’t have a full roster, either, and the reasons are the same: our affiliation. We are expected to receive two goaltenders from the Edmonton Oilers, in addition to several other players. Who those guys are, and how many will come here, […]

When can we pick up our season tickets?

From: Nancy Comments: When can we pick up our season tickets? Reply: Nancy, all season ticket holders who have either paid in full or signed up for an auto-pay plan can pick up their season ticket packages, as well as their ST gifts if they qualify, at Open House, which is Tuesday, Oct. 7. Open […]

Where is Andrew Carroll?

From: Rick Comments: What was the condors record before Carroll arrived last season? He’s where now? (Hint) Reply: So I presume your *hint* is that you think the Condors should sign him for 2014-15? When “Pistol” was acquired on Dec. 16, the Condors record was 7-14-0-1. The team did pick up points in 10 of […]

When is the job fair and tryouts for the national anthem?

From: Bill Comments: When is the job fair and tryouts for the national anthem? Reply: The Job Fair and Anthem Tryouts will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 16 from 4 – 7 p.m. We will announce further details shortly, but this is the opportunity to come down and belt out your best rendition of the […]

What ever happened to…..

From: Dylan Comments: I understand that I probably should have asked this question a really long time ago… But what ever happened to the Victoria Salmon Kings and the Phoenix RoadRunners? Reply: Ah, memories… The Road Runners folded several years back and Victoria decided that they would rather have a team in the Western Hockey […]

I want to welcome Coach Houle to town!

From: Tricia Comments: Coach Houle seemed great when he came and met with the fans! I just want to welcome him to town and tell him we all know this season is going to be something to be proud of!! Reply: Awesome, thanks Tricia!! -The Mailbag Guy

How do you say the new coach’s name?

FROM: Cam COMMENTS: OK Mailbag Guy, how do you say the coach’s name? REPLY: Simple – “Houle as in Cool” – the H is silent. It’s a fun name to say. OOOOOOOOOOLL. – The Mailbag Guy

What is the QMJHL?

FROM: Donna COMMENTS: I know I should know this, but it said in the article that the new coach came from the QMJHL … what’s that? REPLY: This is a great question! We anticipated that fans in Condorstown may not know all about “The Q” as it’s referred to in the hockey world. Team President Matthew Riley talks […]

Great hire!!

FROM: Oliver COMMENTS: I just wanted to say that the mailbag guy picked the right coach for the job with JF! Very well done and I’m pumped for the season!!! REPLY: While the Mailbag Guy had absolutely nothing to do with this hire, I agree that it is extremely exciting to have JF on board here in Condorstown. […]