Are the Condors looking to get an affiliation for the upcoming season?

From: Scott

Comments: Are the Condors looking to get an affiliation for the upcoming season?

Reply: We will definitely be investigating that over the summer. Every year we assess our prospects when it comes to affiliations, and there are usually only a handful of NHL clubs out there that are available. While there are pluses and minuses when it comes to an affiliation, the bottom line is if we can find one that is the right fit, we’ll take it.

One positive from the 2011-12 season is that Head Coach Matt O’Dette was still able to move players up to the American Hockey League without an affiliation, sending Matt Keetley, Robby Dee, Scott Greenham and Alex Hudson to various AHL clubs. Proving you are able to put players in the AHL is a great recruiting tool, and shows potential players that even if we’re not affiliated, they don’t have to worry about being off the AHL radar if they come here. It also can help build relationships between the teams at the next level and Condorstown, perhaps opening doors to an affiliation down the road.

Note: Just after posting this we received another mailbag from “Ron”, who wanted us to point out that Las Vegas, who is currently in the finals, and Alaska, who had the best record in the entire league, were both independent… meaning, they had no affiliation. Two of the three times the Condors have reached the second round of the playoffs, they did so without an affiliation, so whether we bring an affiliation to Condorstown or not, we feel confident in being able to give the fans a good team to get behind.

-The Mailbag Guy