Are they going to show tv games or were they canceled to get more people to attend the games?

From: Tim

Comment #1: So this is the 3rd game in a row that the scheduled televised game is not on the tv. all i see on channel 10 is watches for sale. Are they going to show them or were they canceled to get more people to attend the games?

Comment #2: OK. scrap the tv question.. i found it on channel 11 instead of 10 (might wanna change that on the website). My question is… Why is stewart playing tonight? Most coaches go with the hot goalie. Needing wins, i would think the “coach” would stick with the hotter goalie.

Reply: Tim, often in life there are simple explanations where conspiracies are assumed. Clearly, you found the game and realized there was a misprint on our website, which has been fixed. Sorry about that. The games were on Ch. 10 for years and the website did not reflect that change to Ch. 11. And yes, we accept your apology for automatically assigning deviousness to our intentions. Perhaps our channel misprint is leading you to believe that we haven’t aired the last three listed games as well, but we did. Our mistake if so.

To your second point, now the “coach” has two hot goalies, because Stewart was awesome tonight. With two games in the next three nights and a bus trip to San Francisco tonight in the middle of the night, both need to be playing well for the team to succeed the whole weekend (and Tuesday).

The team had a great weekend home stand. Hope you don’t miss out on the fun and you come out to our next game in person on Tuesday!

-The Mailbag Guy