Can we PLEEEEEEEASE get some folks to sing the anthem who actually know the words?

From: Katrina

Comments: I read recently that the National Anthem tryouts are coming up – Have I already missed them? This year, can we PLEEEEEEEASE get some folks to sing this song WHO ACTUALLY KNOW THE WORDS? Honestly, is that really too much to ask? For starters, let’s give every person who tries out a printed copy of the lyrics. And a reminder, that “Per-a-LISS” is not a word (It is PERILOUS) and that it is O’ER the land of the free, not FOR the land of the free! It is beyond disrepectful to get the words to this song WRONG. It is not an easy song to sing, so I can fully understand when someone doesnt hit the high note right or goes flat. But to blatantly use the wrong words is unaccepatable, and it perpetuates the problem. Let’s set a better example! I have season tickets and attend nearly every game. Each season I can can count on one hand the amount of singers who have gotten the anthem completely correct. We MUST do better! Fingers crossed!

Reply: Katrina, while we do hope that everyone who comes out can do a brilliant job with the tribute to our nation, hopefully you can appreciate the level of nerves that can creep into a person’s head when 6,000 or more people are standing silently at attention, hanging onto your every word. Especially the young people who perform. I agree, they should all for sure know the lyrics – such as the “o’er the land”, not “for the land” – but we prefer to cut some folks a little slack on their performance. And I think your “count on one hand” assessment is a little off; we’ve had some tremendous singers every season performing the anthem.

By the way, anthem tryouts are Tuesday, Sept. 18 from 4 – 6 p.m. We would LOVE to have you come show us what you’ve got, Katrina!

-The Mailbag Guy