Can’t wait until October!!

From: Marlena

Comments: I don’t have a question, I have a comment. I know you’ll get dozens of questions about the Coaching change so I’ll leave that for someone else. What I do want to say is that this is a great Club and we’ve been very fortunate to get some real talent on this team this season and last. The Organization,players especially, has raised thousands of dollars for this community and as Kevin Bartl stated on the post show Saturday night, the players go above what is asked of them to give back to this community. They do it because they care about Bakersfield. This shows me how they feel about the Town and the Fans.

When you think of hockey, as a player, I’m sure Bakersfield isn’t the first place that comes to mind, but they came and they worked hard.

Some harder, but I don’t believe it was ever anyone’s intention to lose. I say all that to say this, I was a little disappointed with the support they received from Bakersfield this season. Our attendance used to be in the top five but has slowly declined. I hear “if they start winning, more people will come out”. I’m disappointed like everyone else when they lose, but I renew my tickets every year anyway because I start the season believing this may be the year. I don’t believe in being a “fair weather fan”. If you’re my team, you’re my team win or lose.Just based on what this Organization does for this community, I hope the residents will think about that and come out and support this team next season.I’d love to see Bakersfield back in the top five for attendance every game. It made me proud to see that in the past and I hope the people of Bakersfield will want to be a part of that next season. The attendance stats aren’tjust in The Nightly Notes you get at the game,or posted on the Leader Boards at the arena, but it’s listed on the ECHL’s website. Everyone in the Country gets to see what kinds of crowds each team is getting. The Team supports us, let’s pay them back by supporting them!! Let’s plan to make Opening Night in October, one of the biggest ever. Let’s do this CondorsTown.

Come out next season and support this team and Organization with BIG numbers in the stands all season. Let’s show all these other Teams across the Country what Bakersfield is made of! Can’t wait until October!!

Reply: That was a long mailbag, Marlana! Thank you for the support. We can’t wait until October, either, but there is a lot of work to do this summer. We understand your frustrations but also know more than anyone just how strong our fans’ dedication is to making Condorstown successful. We appreciate everyone’s support, (even the fair-weathered variety!) and are restructuring our efforts heading into this season to make sure we give everyone a team to be proud of.

-The Mailbag Guy