How about an annual Condors sponsored blood drive?

From: Sam

Comments: How about an annual Condors sponsored “blood drive” for the Houchin Blood Bank. Those who donate get a nice T-shirt with Condors logo and the phrase “Donate Blood, Play Hockey”. or a coupon for discount on all tickets when blood drive game is played.

Another idea. Mount several painted marquis on the concession floors where kids and adults can pose for pictures. Full length with amusing or serious life like marquis boards for fun for fans to commemorate their visits?

And another note, I think the new home All-Star formatted jerseys were great! Makes the team look more aggressive. I have been wanting to see more red and black in the Condor uniforms. Lets keep them even without the All Star logo.

Reply: These are great ideas, Sam! In fact, we’ve done both over the years – the Blood Drive Month is coming up in March, although if you donate blood at Houchin during the month you get a ticket to the game on March 26. This is something we’ve done for years, and love the chance to support Houchin.

And as for the marquis boards, in our Condors photo booth we have featured full-length cutouts of various past players such as Yutaka Fukufuji, Glen Mears, Paul Rosebush, Brett Lutes and others. Although we haven’t used them in a while, we may bring them back some day in the near future.

We’re glad you liked the All-Star jerseys from Saturday’s Jersey Off Our Backs night, they were pretty sweet. They had a classic look to them.

Thanks for the feedback, Sam… great minds think alike! Please keep the suggestions coming.