How about setting up an e-mail list specifically for Season Ticket Holders?

From: Terry

Comments: I have a suggestion… about setting up an e-mail list specifically for Season Ticket Holders, to make sure they are aware of upcomming STH events, such as meet the team events following games, and other things arranged for STH’s. I don’t remember the last time I was informed ahead of time about these things. It would have been nice to know about the Chalk Talk prior to the game last week, I was informed by a fellow STH after it was already in progress. Thanks in advance

Reply: We’re sorry you didn’t find out about it in advance, Terry. This was something we put together rather last-minute, and tried to notify folks as quickly as possible.

We actually do have an email list specifically for Season Ticket Holders, and used it for notification on this. If you haven’t been receiving anything from us it’s probably because your email address did not make its way onto that distribution list. While we try to be as efficient as possible, please remember that we have thousands of emails and names on our various ticket lists, so it’s a good reminder to all our STH to make sure your ticket rep has all of your contact info, including email address, so that you are included from now on.

Thanks for the note, Terry. And please excuse the error.

-The Mailbag Guy