I am that Tony…

From: Tony

Comments: Tony here. Yes, I was the one that commented on the Season Ticket Holders (STH) 20% jersey discount that was deleted this year. The Jersy is what I commented on at the meeting, any other discounts And, yes, it is a fact that the discount is gone. The discount for STH was a Condors organization created perk for STH’s. Thank you for recognizing that the STH are your top supporters. We appreciate the discounts and special perks.

Thanks to Tommy for having my back and clearing things up for the Mailbag guy. And to the credit of the Mailbag guy, I accept your apology. Life goes on.

The Mailbag Guy: Yes, the jersey discount is gone, although there are other ways to earn merchandise credits while being a season ticket holder. This season’s $1-per-day merch credit for early renewals are one such way. Through that, if you were to renew some time in the next week for example, you would earn more than you would save on the purchase of two replica jerseys.

It’s just a way to show that, even with the removal of some benefits, we try to get creative and give folks a chance to reap the rewards of being a season ticket holder.

-The Mailbag Guy