I am very glad that Matt O’Dette is going to receive another year to coach the Condors

From: Tommy

Comments: I just heard on the news that Matt Odette will be returning to coach the Condors next year. I am very glad that he is going to receive another year to coach the Condors. This has been a dismal year, and nobody likes to lose, but I think the Condors showed us at the end of the season that there are good things in store for the future. Many of our losses could have gone either way with some losses going to the cause of some bad breaks, and not necessarily terrible playing. I welcome Matt back and wish him luck building a winning season for us next year. One last thing..I like the team we are ending the season with. Too bad we couldn’t just keep all the guys and kick some booty next year and give all the nay sayers from this year a heaping serving of crow to eat!

Reply: Thanks, Tommy. We’re not really concerned with the naysayers. We know Coach O’Dette, his work ethic, his attitude and what he brings to the table. He has put together quite an entertaining team that we are ending the season with, and we don’t really think there’s any question about that. We’re looking forward to getting started on next season already and seeing what he can do in 2012-13!

-The Mailbag Guy