I dont think I’m the only one that’s getting tired…

From: D

Comments: i dont think im the only one thats getting tired of people complaining bout how the team is playing yea there having bad luck but i see them coming out every night working their butts off to make us the fans happy yes they don’t have the best record or nhlers like some teams but they come out and play hard against them night after night well ill get to the point of what im trying to say if u don’t wanna be a fan of the condors anymore because there having a bad season well quit watching them quit spending your money cause i know they still have thousands of other fans that’s willing to spend that money to watch these boys play their hearts out to make us happy

Reply: Thanks D, we appreciate the support! But in all honesty, we don’t mind the complaining. It reminds us that we have something to play for every night – namely, a fan base that cares about the team and wants to see us succeed, and feel that their time and hard-earned dollars are well-spent.

The only negative emails we receive that bother us are the ones that indicate that nobody here cares. That’s preposterous. This is our lives, this is what we do, and we treat it as such. Nobody sees the hours working late reaching out to fans and trying to put butts in the seats. Nobody sees the hours that it takes after a game to put up highlights and interviews and keep people informed. Nobody sees staff getting in at 10 a.m. on a Saturday to start getting ready for the 7 p.m. game that night. Nobody sees Matt O’Dette in his office after a game reviewing video until 3 a.m….and then starting up again at 6 a.m. (we’re pretty sure he sleeps down there sometimes). None of that happens if we just punched in and punched out, and didn’t CARE.

We try to put a product out there for the fans that they can appreciate, that they can be entertained by. And if everyone that complained stopped paying for their tickets, we’d be out of business in a hurry, so we definitely can’t encourage that! We’ll continue to work hard for the fans, if you promise to keep supporting us, and keep letting us know when you’re happy or not. At least then we know that you care.

-The Mailbag Guy