I downloaded the iheartradio app but there was a delay

From: Mo

Comments: I downloaded the iheartradio app so I could listen during the games but there was a delay. Was this just my phone? It was great to finally be able to listen in the arena while i was watching the game!

Reply: Good question, Mo. No it’s not just you, that delay happens with the signal being shot out over the internet and then bouncing back to the listeners. We have heard from more and more people that they are trying it out and have liked it. One thing about the delay, if you’re not actually at the game you’ll never notice it 🙂 – but if you are at the game, you will be able to hear some insight on certain plays in which our radio guys, Kevin & Bob, go into more detail with explanation, break down key plays such as goals, as well as update you on scoring changes or out of town scores, or even just to hear the interviews being aired.

For those having issues finding the game once you download it, the best thing to do is open up the app, select “All Cities”, then select “Bakersfield”, then select “Fox Sports Radio.” Then you’re good to go!

-The Mailbag Guy