I got a call at work from Michael Gergen…

From: Diana

Comments: I got a call at work today from Michael Gergen thanking me for being a season ticket holder and coming to the games to support the team.

And he wished me a Merry Christmas. Of course, I was on the phone at the time so I ended up with a voice mail. Very upset to miss the call. Anyway, I think it was very, very cool. I appreciated it very much. I have only missed a few games in around 12 years and have supported the team through highs and lows so I know you can’t win them all. I wanted to let Michael know that he made my day. I am sure he would rather be in Vegas though.

Reply: Ian McKenzie, Joe Loprieno and Michael Gergen, who all stayed behind on the team’s road trip to Vegas this week, were all in the office on Thursday calling season ticket holders. They stayed for a while and made quite a few phone calls. We’re sorry that Michael missed you, but glad you appreciated the message and we’ll make sure he knows he made your day!

– The Mailbag Guy