I just want to say Thank You to Kyle Calder

From: Marlana

Comments: I just want to say Thank You to Kyle Calder for coming back to Condorstown and playing with the team. He came back last season just to be a presence behind the bench during the playoffs. He’s skated on the team before and having him back is such a thrill. I know he’ll make a difference, and I know the guys can learn from him. I can already see changes. Getting payers in front of the net. Setting up the puck. They’re playing with a lot of heart. If they can be consistent,with that, I know we’ll start seeing more wins. We’re rebuilding this season so we need to give Coach Odette a chance to put his program in place. People may not know or have forgotten, Marty was here a few years as Asst. Coach before he became Head Coach. He was also Head Coach in Phoenix before that so He had plenty of time to put his program together. Let’s not throw in the towel on the team or the Coach so quickly. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Go Condors!!

Reply: Thanks for the note, Marlana. It’s fun to watch Kyle out there in a Condors jersey. While one player rarely can turn a hockey team around all by himself, I think the realistic hope is that having a player as skilled and intelligent and experienced as him around the rest of the team, some of it will rub off on everyone and they can gradually get better for the last two months.

-The Mailbag Guy