I wanted to know when we will get a final roster of who is on the team?

From: Jeff

Comments: I wanted to know (if it isnt out yet) when we will get a final roster of who is on the team and who we still have that hasent gone to another team. We have had a alot of signings lately and i cant remember who all we lost and who will be returning.

And I also would like to say that i am getting a little bit axious for the first home game. for now i have high school Varsity football but it doesnt compare to the good ole’ Condors game!

Reply: The roster is updated as we go along. You can view a PDF of it, here. We probably won’t have the roster finalized until just before training camp, and we’ll be adding players to that roster this week as well (at least, that’s the plan).

We’re anxious for the start of the season as well. Make sure you come to the Open House on Oct. 1 and get your first look at the team. Also, stay tuned for a season ticket holder-only scrimmage that we hope to announce in the coming days as well!

26 more days until Opening Night!!!

-The Mailbag Guy