I would prefer in the text message alerts…

From: Amber

Comments: I would prefer in the text messages you list the number of goals in THAT game, like it used to be. It makes more sense when reading a text on a particular GAME. Otherwise, we/fans have no idea how many goals that player scored in THAT ROUND.

Reply: We actually changed the way we listed it on the text messaging Amber because fans asked for it that way instead. For example, tonight’s final text message read:

BAK 4 v. UTA 3, F

Goals: Morency (5,6), Smith (4), Goulet (5)

We like to let fans know in the text alert how many goals a player has on the season, and if it says (5,6) then you know that Morency scored two goals, and he now has six goals. This way, it simultaneously tells you how many goals a player scored in the game AND how many he has on the season. It’s more info, and that’s what we’re shooting for.

Thanks for the feedback. Hope you understand why we do it this way.

-The Mailbag Guy