I’m guessing by now you’ve seen the World Ball Hockey Championships video…

From: Thomas

Comments: I’m guessing by now you’ve seen the end of the Czech vs Canada at the 2013 World Ball Hockey Championships. If not take a look. At least they only referenced his ECHL days and not which teams he played for. Sad day for hockey.

Reply: Yes, it was unfortunate.

Mr. Pender certainly was a tough player for the Condors, but a good guy. On his twitter page he expressed remorse over what happened, and we’re inclined to believe him to be sincere. The story has certainly blown up in the last couple days; we’ve already received several Mailbag submissions about it, so we know the video is getting around. Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy blog noted that he played for Bakersfield a couple seasons ago. Hopefully the dust will settle soon, and we look forward to seeing where Justin will play this season.

-The Mailbag Guy