Is there any update on Chris Kushneriuk?

From: Elaine

Comments: Last year it was announced that former Condor Kushneriuk had cancer. Is there any word/update on his situation?

Also, there seems to be a huge time frame when the “official time out” is called for each period. Are there rules when the ref is able or allowed to call for the time out? It always seems that it comes at a bad time when we are making a run down the ice. But I am sure all fans feel that way with their own team. How does this beak in play come about?

Reply: You are speaking about Chris Kushneriuk – and yes, there is a great update! He successfully underwent treatment and is on the road to recovery.

To top it off, “Kush” will be back in Condorstown on Feb. 22 for the annual Condors Fighting Cancer Hockey-thon alumni game and WILL RETURN TO THE ICE!! Later this week we will announce further details.

As for the “Officials Time Out”, there are rules as to when it can be taken, but it must be declared prior to the game. For instance, we alert the teams and officials that it will be taken at the first even-strength whistle after the 10:00 mark. It cannot be taken on a stoppage due to an icing call. Nor can it be taken during a power play. It can be taken on a play in which a penalty is called, and it can be taken during 4-on-4 or 3-on-3 during penalties.

-The Mailbag Guy