It really concerns me that you are not bringing on any players to augment our team

From: Jack

Comments: It really concerns me that you and Matt are not bringing on any players to augment our team. They are outgunned by the other teams  AHL/NHL players. We are disappointed by management’s lack of action, when the market place is loaded with talent begging for jobs.

Matt if this is not address ASAP, your fan base will continue to deplete, and this club will go the way of Fresno, San Diego, Long Beach and Phoenix.

My discussion with many season ticket holders (a large number) regarding renewal next year, we love our guys, however Bakersfield supports winners not mediocrity. If you don’t believe me look at the number of tickets sold for the Renegade game Saturday, 11,000 and counting. It’s time to step up to the plate and hire some players to help us to the playoffs.

Reply: If you know of any of this talent base begging for jobs please get us their numbers. That’s just not the case.

We don’t have any NHLers from Bakersfield like Alaska (all 4 of their players born and raised in Anchorage). We don’t have NHLers sitting out practicing in Bakersfield. Anyone playing for money has gone or will go to Europe. We wouldn’t be in business past February if we tried to compete with that, and ask Marty, a lot of those guys end up not getting paid. We have talked to everyone and continue to, and have had guys close – last week’s NHL meetings put a stall on everything as they were waiting to see what was going to happen.

IF the lockout ends, we will be in good shape as most teams will lose at least a handful of players that probably wouldn’t ordinarily be in our league. If it doesn’t end, we’ll continue to battle against the odds. We actually have something very exciting coming to fruition this week that should help. But if you have the magic pill that will get these players to Bakersfield, please share it with us.  In the meantime, we will continue beat the bushes.

Thanks for your support and caring enough to send this note.

– Matt Riley, President of Condorstown