It seems reasonable to pick a number one goalie…

From: Mike

Comments: Can you please ask coach Odette why it appears he will not pick a number 1 goalie and let that goalie play several games in a row to try and get into a rhythm? Stewart and Greenham have played 22/26 games respectively. It just seems reasonable to pick a number one goalie and to let them get comfortable playing a series of games instead of mixing it up so much.

Reply: Have you ever played goalie three times in three games, sometimes with 4-8 hours of bus riding in between? Me neither. The Condors have had 7 three-in-three’s in 15 weeks this season. Some might say that a rotation is perfectly reasonable.

It’s a long season, Mike. Things happen. Bumps and bruises and sprains and tears and fatigue. How do you know there haven’t been injury reasons to rotate them?? That information would not be shared publicly if so.

Just something to think about!

-The Mailbag Guy