Marty is going to do what?

From: Blaine

Comments: Please clarify something. i thought i heard on the news story about raymond that he said he was going to pick the team…. what the. he’s
leaving he has no right to pick the team. he should be gone before open house. if he picks the team then open house needs to be cancelled and any aspiring players need to be told not to try out. the new coach or interim staff or the owner needs to do that. not someone leaving that wouldn’t care whos playing…and i mean it. please dont sugar coat raymonds intentions. he’s leaving and thats that. he will not be here for the next season and possibly from now on so why let him pick. he lost that choice when he resigns then decides to leave…hmm sounds just like a couple players we had last season that did not tell anyone and just up and left leaving us to find replacements. I am not the only one in bako who knows this to be true. thank you.

Reply: Blaine, you are clearly mixed up about something. Take it easy, everything will be alright!

Marty Raymond is not going to be our head coach, and thus he is not going to “pick the team.” In fact, he will be in Croatia almost 3 months before we even host Open House. The only thing he has done regarding the team is make sure our protected list was submitted to the league before he left so whoever takes over has some names to start with.

That was a fun rant to read though!

-The Mailbag Guy