my anxiety is wanting to know who our next coach is gonna be

From: Dee

Comments: Its almost the end of the month are we closer to a coach i know its a process but my anxiety is wanting to know who our next coach is gonna be

Reply: We are closer… but there is no set deadline on when we’re going to have a coach.

Of course, I’m not in all of JO’s closed-door meetings or hearing his phone calls or interviews, because I’m just The Mailbag Guy. All I can tell you, from what JO has told us, is that he has been close a couple times but for whatever reason it didn’t line up, so the search continues. And the longer the process goes, more names are being added to his list. And some of those new names are pretty good candidates. There is behind-the-scenes stuff factoring into the coaching search that we aren’t all privy to, so we’ll just have to wait for the news.

The initial process has begun on player recruitment as well. Look for our Protected List to come out the first week of June – that is the first step towards the modest means teams in the ECHL have to reserve players from the previous season’s roster. The End of Season roster is submitted in the middle of June and the Qualifying Offers must be submitted at the end of June. The first day teams have to sign players for 2013-14 is June 16.

I know it feels like it’s been a long time since the season ended, but in reality, the off-season is just getting started, so buckle up!

-The Mailbag Guy