Our 6 year-old daughter misses her beloved Condors

From: Lisa

Comments: Hockey mens.  That is what our 6 year old daughter, Hannah, calls her beloved Condors.   Granted she spent a great portion of each game glued to her Nintendo DS, but she managed to let out an occasional appropriate whewwww for goals, Rally Granny, and Beaudoin (her favorite).  For weeks after the playoffs ended she would ask if we were headed down to the ice to give love to her Hockey mens.  She misses Stoflet’s freaky smile (her words, not mine).  Missed too is Lizon clobbering Stoflet during each warm up session.  Hannah misses Beaudoin’s wink and stick tap on the glass.  She misses the guys skating around and laughing at her silly posters she holds up to the glass, in which she spells puck…puke (accident of course).  Hannah can’t wait until the new season starts so she can share her love with her hockey mens!

Reply: Tell Hanna not to worry… if she can count backwards from 164 starting today, she can count us down to Opening Night with her hockey mens!

-The Mailbag Guy