Scott Greenham and More!!

From: Diana

Comments: I was very happy to hear of the signing of Scott Greenham. I hope for
us fans he isn’t called up right away. Can someone from the office
please call all the TV stations, KGET for sure, and tell the sports
guy how to pronounce his name? If you do local sports you should find
out how to pronounce the players name for goodness sake. Go Condors –
I am really, really happy with the team Coach O’Dette is putting
together. There is going to be a whole lot of fun in Condorstown come

Reply: We’re really excited about the way the team is coming along. It will be a good mix of returning players and some fresh new faces that should blend well together and make for an excellent season.

With regards to how to say Scott’s last name, KGET sports guy Mark Haas, knows that Greenham rhymes with “denim,” but hey we’re not always perfect! It’s tough not to think of “Green Eggs and Ham” when you see Scott’s last name! Mark does a great job, as do all the TV sports guys covering us, and it’s not easy being in front of a live camera. He even corrected it later on in the night.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm as we get set for year 15!

-Mailbag Guy