The guys wouldn’t hit

From: Stephen

Comments: I attended the All Star Game on Wednesday and what is up with the team. Did they not read the Artical that Pual Willet had in the program about playing condors hockey and playing defense. The guys wouldnt play D and wiouldnt hit. I think the hardest hit of the night was Slap Shots hit on the Carrot and Almond. Is there a rule against hitting in the All Star Game. I was really disappointed.

Reply: It was really tough to predict how this game would go. And in the end it ended up being a pretty good display of skill as opposed to a regular full-contact game.

I think if the Condors could have played a physical game, they would have had a good shot to beat the All-Stars. But the bottom line is, if a guy goes out and ends up injuring himself and misses the next 3 weeks of important hockey, games that have an impact on the standings, would it really have been worth it? And with the way the injuries have gone for the Condors this season – who have already missed about 120 man-games to injury this season – I can’t say that I blame them.

Regardless, we had a lot of feedback from fans saying they enjoyed the game and enjoyed hosting it, even though the Condors lost. And although there have been a few that seemed to have expected more physical play, the majority understand that it was after all an All-Star Game.

-The Mailbag Guy