The Miranda Lambert promotion isn’t fair!

From: Dee

Comments: I was just reading about the Miranda Lambert promotion and I think it is unfair to those of us who have purchased our tickets already and paid in full! Offering stuff to get people in is fine, but you should really think about rewarding US for sticking with you and being prompt in signing up for next season. I guess we should just wait to renew, so we can get all the ‘fun’ perks too!!! I think we all know how those “raffles” go.

Reply: As you can probably imagine, Dee, it’s difficult to make EVERYONE happy, without going bankrupt, of course. So we can do one of two things…

First, we can change the promotion, and give all season ticket holders a ticket to the concert. But instead of just buying a few dozen tickets to the concert for the new ticket holders that sign up because of this rare and pricey promotion, we will end up spending $60,000 on concert tickets and will have to lay off a couple employees. It’s the fans that are getting free tickets to the concert, the Condors organization has to buy them to give away.


We can try to do fun and attention-grabbing promotions in order to help build our season ticket base, because that alone ensures our success. Rather than sit on our butts and not have a team in a few years, we can try to do things to get more fans so we can keep hockey alive in Condorstown – hopefully you understand we’re trying to run a business! Look at any other business trying to get new customers – do they offer there specials for current customers?  Rarely. (When was the last time you bought a refrigerator or a car and two years later received a $120 gift from them? Haha, probably never!) We do it all the time through raffles like this one, special season ticket holder-only events, and of course, the renewal gifts.

Hopefully people aren’t just buying season seats to the 36+ Condors games and events ONLY because we’re giving them a concert ticket. We hope that the tickets just act as catalyst to them getting on board. And we hope that you, as a current season ticket holder, also enjoy coming to the games and feel that you are getting something in return for your investment anyway… even without the free awesome concert tickets. 🙂

-The Mailbag Guy