The refereeing of….

From: Elaine

Comments: Refereeing of J.M. McNulty… How much more refereeing abuse must the Condors team, coaching staff, and fans endure from this guy? The boos from the fans each time his name is announced as the ref gets louder each time. What is being done about him? Does he get reported on his many bad biased calls? What is the ECHL doing about him? Can we, as fans, send emails, write or ???

Please share the info as to how he keeps coming as a ref, are refs assigned by division (as in he never refs back east, just out here in the west), and is it possible to have him banned from doing our games?

I guess I am asking for some basic info & knowledge on the reffing procedure, process, & selection.

Reply: Officials are assigned by the league office, and while it’s common for guys to do most of their games in the region they are assigned, they don’t do all of them. Mr. McNulty actually just recently did a stint out in the southeast as well.

You are welcome to write to the league office if you are so inclined. I am quite certain that they have received such emails from Condors fans in the past (Rest your soul, Katrina!) and will not be inconvenienced to receive them once again. I personally get a kick out of the enthusiasm and unbridled passion the chorus of boos brings from the Condors faithful whenever one of Condorstown’s favorites is announced as wearing the orange band for the night.

To answer your question about the reporting, there is a reporting procedure and a regular review for all on-ice officials conducted by the league, with input from coaches as well. Although that exact process and the results are a little fuzzy as it is behind closed doors (like any employee review session in any business would be), the referees and linemen all all reviewed periodically throughout the season.

-The Mailbag Guy