The “Silver Skater Fantasy Team” is a way of taking the All Star Game away…

From: Jenny

Comments: The “Silver Skater Fantasy Team” is just a way of taking the All Star game away from everyone in lieu of another way for someone to make money auctioning off jerseys. Who cares that two guys from each team will wear a different jersey in a regular game and then have them auctioned off? I sure don’t! The ECHL is slowly taking the fun and excitement from our league. Maybe next year they’ll auction off a shoe string from someones skate….Oh my! Wouldn’t that be exciting!!

Reply: Your frustration is a little misguided, Jenny. First of all, the league didn’t take away the All-Star Game from you. An individual team has to be available to host it, and trust us, it’s a massive undertaking. No team was in a position to host it this season, (we’d like to think we did such a fantastic job that everyone was afraid to follow us!), and it IS expected to return next season.

Instead, because there isn’t an All-Star Game, this is a way to recognize All-Star caliber players, AND to top it off, give the actual fans a chance to vote – which has never been done before. If you don’t want a jersey, then don’t bid on one. What’s the big deal? It’s just a simple league-wide promotion that honors some of the top players. We like the recognition that the guys will receive from it, as well as the fact that the fans can vote on who they think deserves it.

-The Mailbag Guy