This 1/2 price beer night is straight up false advertising…

From: Mike

Comments: Just couldn’t pass this up.  How can you, without having a guilty conscience,  have a promotion for ½ price beers and sell a beer that is ½ the size of a normal beer?  Come on guys,  you advertise a ½ price beer and we show up and you give us a 9-10 oz cup?   Guess what,  on any given night you don’t sell that size of beer so how can you call it ½ price?   So you are telling me that the size of beer you sold to us for “1/2” price, $3.75, normally sold for $7,50?   Don’t think so..  This is straight up false advertising…

Reply: Mike, you aren’t the first person to think they are half-size cups, but they most certainly are not. Normal cups are tall and skinny, the 1/2 Price Beer Night cups are short and stocky. The fact is, they are only a couple ounces less than regular cups – NOT HALF SIZE. Last season, we explained the beer pricing situation, but it bears repeating, because we take this accusation seriously. We’re not using bait-and-switch tactics on the fans.

The ARAMARK staff at Rabobank Arena did an ounce-by-ounce comparison of those special Condors cups, and found they held 14-16 ounces of beer. It’s way bigger than your estimate of a 9-10 ounce cup. The regular cups hold 16-18 ounces, and are priced at $7.50. “Half-Price Beer Night” prices are $3.75, which is half price, and you may be getting one or two ounces less than normal, but “56% The Normal Price Beer Night” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Here’s another way to look at it: if it wasn’t a great deal, and we weren’t really giving you a break on the beer price at all, why would the special end after the first intermission?

-The Mailbag Guy