we’ve been going to Bakersfield hockey since the Oilers….

From: Fowler

Comments: we’ve been going to Bakersfield hockey since the Oilers of the late ’90s. we have sweatshirts, tshirts, programs, pucks, etc. I’m interested in finding Jersey’s!!! anyone who can help please give me a shout. thank you, faithful Bakersfield hockey fan.

Reply: Good luck! A fan a few years back brought in an old Bakersfield Oilers program for our archives. We were very thankful, since it’s now the only Bakersfield Oilers piece of history in existence in the Condors office, believe it or not.

If you remember, the Bakersfield Oilers were a semi-professional team – which means most of the guys had full time jobs in addition to playing for the Oilers. Some of them even lived out of town and drove up for the weekends to play. They were around just one season (1994-95) and the following season the Bakersfield Fog came into existence, ushering in professional hockey as a member of the West Coast Hockey League.

At the time, for the folks in the Fog office, I imagine it didn’t seem like that big of a deal to hang on to Oilers memorabilia. Who knew what the future would hold, or that in 19 years hockey would still be around and stronger than ever, and that the Edmonton Oilers would buy the team and bring this little shindig full circle?

-The Mailbag Guy