When is the trade deadline and should we expect any trades?

From: Chris

Comments: When is the trade deadline and should we expect anything to take place with trades? I know you cannot give any names or details, but a simple yes, no, or maybe could help us out. Any word on Mr. Calder and a possible return for a playoff run? How about players on the IR; do we expect any returns to the ice soon? Oh, and one more thing: GO CONDORS!!!

Reply: The trade deadline is Friday, March 11 at 3 p.m. (Eastern), and we always expect some moves to be made, but again, you never know. It takes another team wanting what you have, and making a deal is not an easy proposition for the coach. Some of the best deals for the Condors have come in the weeks leading up to the deadline, with notable names including Scott Marchesi and Mark Voakes in 2009-10, Dustin Byfuglien in 2008-09, and Martin Frechette and Alexander Naurov in 2007-08, all of whom were big additions for the stretch drive and playoff contributors.

The middle of March also usually includes signings from the college and junior ranks of memorable Condors additions such as J.M. Beaudoin (last season), Dale Reinhardt, Chris Kaufman, Ryan Salvis, Tylor Michel and more. So that’s something else to watch for.

As for Calder, the deadline for players returning to the lineup from European clubs was last week, so he cannot return to the Condors this season. Nor could Joe Rullier or Pete Zingoni, both of whom also departed for opportunities overseas.

-The Mailbag Guy