When we trade a player for future considerations…

From: Marlana

Comments: I have a couple of questions. When we “trade a players for future considerations” is that only for the current season or does it carry over to next season? Also are the two players we just signed for the remaining of this season, or does that mean we have their rights going into next season? Thanks.

Reply: Question 1: The short answer… maybe.

The long answer… A “future considerations” trade can have many different facets to it. The question of when the “futures” are to be received is determined at the time of the trade. It can be a specific point during the season, it can be at the Trade Deadline, it can be after the season ends.

Sometimes its a player, sometimes it’s the rights to a player that hasn’t signed (like when the Condors acquired T.J. Fast, who then later signed), and sometimes, honestly, it’s for cash. (Don’t let your imagination run wild on how much cash is thrown around in a trade. It’s not like selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees.)

If it’s during the season, futures must be acquired PRIOR to the Trade Deadline. There is also a grace period after the season in which futures deals must be finalized. Sometimes Team A acquires future considerations from Team B, and what happens is that Team B will submit a list of 12 players to Team A that cannot be traded, and Team A gets to choose from the rest of the players on Team.

Question 2: Again… maybe. We don’t necessarily have the rights to our late season players for next season. Sometimes, yes the team retains their rights and opts to protect them during the summer. But often times, when a player comes out from college or junior at the end of the year they ask that they be a free agent at the end of the season, so they can see what’s out there going into their rookie season. Regardless, the Condors in the past have been able to sign many players – protected or not – after they come here for a couple weeks and see what it’s like playing here. And finding out they can sit by the pool in March.

Hope that answers your questions!

-The Mailbag Guy