Why didn’t you let us know what was going on?

From: Cheryl

Comments: First,let me state my family are Condor fanatics and we adore Mike Hart’s announcing.Last night (Feb.11)I thought the fans were respectful and patient but very curious on what all was going on.Quite a few people left because of no information..Why didn’t Mr. Hart let us know what was going on or was he in the dark also? We read a LOT of what was going on, in todays(Sun) paper but it would have been better to have some info last night- GO CONDORS!

Reply: We made several announcements throughout the delay in regards to the fact that it was an issue with the ice. Once the dust settles on an event like that, it’s a little easier to shed light on everything, a la the story in the Californian.

We were please to see that the vast majority of fans did NOT leave during the delay, and that the arena still looked as packed at 8:45 when we dropped the puck as it did at 7:00 when we were supposed to. Our fans are great, and we were trying our best to entertain them during the delay. Obviously there were a lot of conversations going on behind the scenes that only a couple folks knew about. So I wouldn’t hold anything against Mike Hart.

And yes, he is wonderful and we’re all fanatics!

-The Mailbag Guy