Wondering how many of our Condors goalies have scored goals?

From: Jan

Comments: I was reading through Denis Brodeur’s “Goalies: Guardians of the Net”

and some of the NHL goalies who have scored goals were noted, including Brodeur’s own son, Martin Brodeur. That got me to wondering how many of our Condors goalies have scored goals; has other Condors goalie than Fukufuji scored a goal?

Reply: Fukufuji never scored a goal for the Condors. The only goalie to scored for the Condors was Timo Pielmeier in the 2009-10 season. To top it off, he is the youngest goalie to ever score a goal in a professional game – at 20 years old. The game was in Utah, and he fired it into an empty net late in a close hockey game, after the Grizzlies pulled the netminder for an extra attacker.

-The Mailbag Guy